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We make real estate financing easy. Whether you are purchasing your dream home, making improvements, or refinancing your existing loan, we are ready to help. We offer conventional, USDA and FHA loans, along with fixed and variable rate options.

Start the application process now by clicking the Mortgage Center link or call Myles Easter, Janie Norton,or Kimberly Friday at the numbers listed to the right:

There are at least six items that we look at when considering your mortgage application:

  • INCOME: We examine all sources of income. This helps us determine how much money is coming in on a monthly basis. As a rule of thumb, plan to spend no more than 28% of your gross income on your monthly house payment (principal, interest, taxes, insurance).
  • PRESENT DEBTS: How much money do you presently owe to others (your monthly debt obligation) and to whom?
  • CREDIT RATING: We’ll obtain a credit report from a credit reporting agency to find out your history with credit card companies, previous mortgages and bank loans, plus any public records dealing with financial matters. This is standard financial practice.
  • DOWN PAYMENT: How much have you set aside for the down payment? Will it be a gift from a relative? There are other options for additional funding that we can help you explore if needed.
  • ASSETS: After you’ve made the down payment and paid all closing costs, how has this affected your net worth?
  • APPRAISAL: A certified appraiser must evaluate the house you plan to purchase, to determine the maximum loan amount.