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Savings and Overdraft Protection

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Savings Accounts

"Pay yourself first" is solid, financial advice that means it's important to constantly add to your savings. Here's how our savings account works:

  • Free online banking
  • Interest compounded daily; paid quarterly
  • $50 minimum balance required to avoid $5 monthly fee
  • Maximum of 6 debits per month; $1 fee for each over maximum
  • ATM card fee of $7.50 per year
  • Dormant fee (for inactive accounts) $5 per month.*
  • Free paper or E-Statement

* An account is dormant if you have made no deposits or withdrawals to the account for 12 months. The charge applies to savings accounts with a balance of less than $1,000 and the account holder is over 13.


Kids and Teen Accounts
Overdraft Protection

We offer two different ways to provide a back up in the event you overdraw your account.

Savings account transfer:

  • Transfers in increments of $100*
  • Money is automatically moved to your checking account from your savings account
  • Avoid overdrawing your account
  • Prevents items from being returned

Ready reserve /  revolving line of credit attached to checking account:

  • Transfers in increments of $100
  • Interest rate is fixed at 15% APR with a periodic rate of .041%
  • Interest accrues immediately after line of credit advancing
  • $30 annual fee

* If there is less than $100 in your savings account, it will sweep the full balance.

Round-Up Savings Plan

Use your debit card for everyday purchases to grow your savings. Each time you use your Peoples Bank debit card,* we’ll RoundUp to the nearest dollar and automatically transfer the difference to your savings account.

*The debit comes from your Peoples Bank checking account and is automatically transferred to your Peoples Bank savings account. Individuals participating in RoundUp must have a Peoples Bank debit card, checking account, savings account and overdraft protection from savings to checking. 

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