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Photo of Peoples Bank employees working concession standWe Put Your Needs First

Peoples Bank is an independently-owned bank based in Indianola, Iowa, serving communities throughout Warren, Marion and Wayne Counties. Our customers choose us because we put their needs first. So what does that look like?

We answer the phone when you call and return that call within the same business day. Our lenders live and work in our communities, so you're likely to work with a familiar face when you come into the branch. 

Peoples Bank is locally owned. Our number one goal is to provide superior customer service, along with the best products and services to make banking easy and convenient. From the first day we opened our doors to the present, we want to be your bank of choice, providing you with the service you expect from people you trust.

We’ve been fundraisers from the start, relying on the generosity and trust of our community. And while we are a bank, we see our role as problem solvers and growth catalysts for our communities

We do this by sticking to a number of core beliefs:

  1. It’s about you, not us. If you want a bank that will just leave you alone and give you the bare minimum, we’re not for you. Your life changes, your goals change and the world around you changes. We’re here through it all to help you achieve whatever dreams you have.
  2. We provide the platform you need to succeed. Whether that’s a loan to help you buy a home or a donation to fund your non-profit’s mission, your vision inspires us to be better and provide the right solution at the right time.
  3. We solve problems. “I need to save more.” “We need money for new equipment.” At the end of the day, we simply listen to your problems and solve them through reliable and genuine service and products.
  4. There’s no substitute for real people. When you have a problem or a question, only a real person will do. When you call, you get a live human being who will listen to your concern and either provide a solution or connect you with someone who can.
  5. We’re only as successful as the communities and people we serve. Why do we reinvest so much in local businesses, non-profits and community organizations? It’s simple: when one of us struggles, we all do. When we all succeed and grow as a community, it’s through everyone’s effort.

Fancy words, maybe. But it’s just who we are.

If you find you believe the same things as us, we’d love to see how we can help further your vision whether it’s for your personal life, business or a community organization with a worthy and noble cause.


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