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You have options to back up your checking in the event you overdraw your account.

Ready Reserve Checking

  • Revolving line of credit attached to checking account
  • Transfers in increments of $100
  • Interest rate is at a fixed 15% APR with a periodic rate of .041096%.
  • Interest accrues immediately after line of credit advancing.
  • Annual fee of $30.
  • No additional fee for line of credit advancing.

Savings Account Transfer

  • Checking account is attached to savings
  • Transfers in increments of $100
  • If savings balance is less than $100 then the transfer will take remaining balance of savings account
  • Covers the overdrawn amount to avoid overdraft fee.
  • Prevents items from getting returned.
  • $5 fee plus tax assessed to checking for each savings account transfer.
  • Each overdraft transfer is considered a withdrawal from savings.

No Protection

  • Items presented to the bank will be paid on bank discretion.
  • $29 fee per presentment on returned items presented to the bank (maximum of $290 per day per account).
  • $29 fee on overdraft items (maximum of $290 per day per account).
  • Transactions subject to overdraft and return check charges are checks, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, and other electronic means.

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